Eyemouth : we actually dived this year!

The news that we were on the late dive on Saturday, with a 12.30 dive time was,on the face of it, good news. If only we had some self control. Sadly we don’t have any at all and so we kicked off the weekend in Oblos with a few pints and a lot of banter. 

Saturday breakfast was greeted with a sore head but nothing a nice cooked breakfast couldn’t sort out. The weather on the other hand was not going to improve and as the morning wore on the clouds thickened and the sea turned a foreboding shade of grey. On the boat we huddled out of the rain and kitted up in the luxurious cabin…then we had to go diving! It turns out that things were much better below the surface with excellent visibility in excess of 10m! The Glanmire looked fantastic and whilst there wasn’t many fish we did discover an enormous cod hiding under the plates. On the bow, keith and Amanda demonstrated great team work as they demolished Keith’s reel and between them managed to get an smb up. Back up the shot line for a nice cup of boiling hot tea, well deserved because at 9 degrees the sea is still bloomin’ cold! Terry wished he’d put his heated vest on! 

Dive two was the Skelly hole. Flatish seas and excellent viz once more, we rooted around looking for critters. There were a few big cod, Ballan wrasse and a baby squid, but alas ,no guillemots came to play. Still, we all had two pleasant dives despite the snow.

The usual takeaway carnage unfolded on Saturday evening, but with no Eurovision we had to make do with ewoks and keith Lemon murdering the return of the Jedi. 

Sunday came very quickly. An early shift meant I was still bleary eyed as we loaded the boat. Off to Blackcarrs to hunt some wolf fish. We didn’t find any!  Keith thought he’d demolish his regs to match his reel and as he set up a small jacuzzi of bubbles emanated from his high pressure hose. With a bit of swapping and hole plugging he solved the issue. Who needs a gauge on their pony anyway? And off he went. With Tim’s rebreather switching on of its own accord, and Terry’s computer complaining loudly outside there was a relaxed ambience on deck as we bobbed about deciding what to do for a final dive. The swell was building a bit so we headed south to Burnmouth caves. I was cold and even with my heated vest turned up to level 2 was not warming through enough to entice me back in to the water so I opted for a chinwag with the skipper and Rob. The divers climbing back on board reported 3m viz and Kelpy unpleasantness , although Tom and Patrick did take some reasonable pictures so it couldn’t have been all that bad. Unfortunately I’d eaten all the flapjacks 🙂 

‘Fash and chaps’ on the sea front rounded off yet another successful foray into the U.K. Under sea realm with Robinhood Diveclub.   


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