Anglesey : The trip that nearly wasn’t.

Trip Report, AngleseyThe Trip that nearly wasn’t… 

Saturday AM set off on a typical July morning, rain and mist only to be greeted by the M62 being closed between J24 and J22, so hastily passed the map book to my navigator Liz who found us the way to go. After making up time and sitting back and enjoying the rain, the phone rang, it was John, ‘where is the boat’, after establishing where he was, he was in the right place just 2 ½ hrs early, ‘I’m off back to bed then’, during this conversation of puzzlement we missed our turn off and ended up on another delaying detour.

As we approached Anglesey the rain had stopped and there was the occasional hint of blue sky, a quick pit stop for coffee and Liz to buy some sandwiches for pack up, she left hers in the fridge at home along with the 10 trip Curly Wurlies :0. A quick sprint to Menai hoping nobody had bagged the Top Dog Tim’s parking spot only to be thwarted by wheelie bins, then to find we cannot leave our cars in the parking spots anyway, they have been sold off by the council, Bob and Shelpsy aka Steve having none of this marched up into the harbour office to plead our case, but to no avail, not popular with previous Anglesey trippers, the hotel car park it is after unloading.

Time to meet the assembled team, Phil (Trip Sec Newby), Liz (Trip Sec Support), Mark, Lee and Steve (B/ford BSAC trio), Bob (Ex B/ford now a Hooder), John (‘he’s always late’, and he was), Adam (Re kindling his passion), Celia (Need for speed and according to Bob, ‘lived in boring Bedfordshire), Colette (Johns dive friend of old).

So dive #1, a steady bimble off Puffin Island, lots of Dog fish, jellies and low vis with a cosy 15° temp. Liz was even heard complaining about being too warm and that’s without the heated vest!  Adam had  a cramp and despite Liz’s best efforts to turn him turtle on the sea bed and stretch it off it would not resolve. After admiring Scott’s new venture, a run aground boat needing salvage, we set off for to our next dive site, the wreck of the Mermaid. 

Dive #2. After several attempts to get a shot on the wreck Scott gave up and said its near enough just look for it. Upon descending, looking up Bob was falling gracefully like an angel with fin in hand, after sorting his fin, we eventually came across the Mermaid after 25 minutes, admired the marine life then ascended. At the surface Bob started shouting and waving, we thought he was having a tightener, his SMB had wrapped itself around the prop. SMB freed off we set off back in sunshine and blue skies enjoying Jaffa cakes and Ginger cake (Hob Nobs so last season). Adam suffered another bad cramp which made him take the decision not to dive the rest of the weekend convinced it was more serious than cramp. With Shelpsy looking more like he should be somewhere a lot warmer in his tee and shorts we headed back under blue skies.

Scott gave us a couple of options for ropes off Sunday, 07:30 not being the popular one.

Back at the mooring several of the team went straight to the Liverpool Arms while the rest felt a shower came first. After more beer and banter at the Liverpool Arms and with Lee looking very summery in his outfit, it was off to Bocca, the Italian Restaurant, where allegedly I drank a lot of red wine with a straw last visit. A thoroughly good night was had by all and I was not intimidated by the 9 onlookers watching me eat my Tiramisu, Adam took home pizza which he had for pre breakfast according to John.

After a hearty Welsh breakfast then saying good bye to Adam we ambled down to the dock.

Dive#3. A drift in the Straights. Celia was getting visibly excited at the prospect looking at the current tearing past the markers in the water, only to be dropped in a more sedate current. Another warm one 16° water temp.

Dive#4. A second drift in the Straights after an hour’s rest back at the mooring. Me, Bob and Liz dropped in, only to get separated, resurfaced, regrouped then bimbled for an hour, I stroked a Dog fish. When it came to send up the SMB, Liz’s crack bottle detached itself causing a bit of a situation, SMB inflated we all arrived at the surface okay.

Bags packed, hands shaken and hugs given we all set off back in the most glorious sunshine leaving a beautiful Anglesey behind, until next time.

All in all, I think everyone had a good weekend, above and below the water.


Phil Trip Sec  


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