A Winter’s weekend in June

‘So how grim does it have to be before we go to the pub’? Was the query from Keith on Friday morning. The forecast was bleak, 12 degrees and a 100 % chance of rain wasn’t filling me with optimism but we packed for a BBQ anyway…and secretly prayed to the weather gods for a last minute reprieve.

We gathered in a fog smothered St Abbs on Friday evening, huddled for warmth on the bunkhouse benches until Liz pointed out that there IS heating and switched it on 🙂 A few cidres and some viz induced mirth made for a pleasant evening. 

Saturday morning dawned bright and clear… Oh no wait, that was another trip, it was foggy and damp and more akin to a November day than mid June, but we loaded the boat in high spirits. First dive was on Anemone Gully. The visibility was good and several divers spotted a wolf fish and there was a vicious rumour of an octopus too. A bracing 10-11 degrees made it heated vest territory for the girls though. Buzz buzz or was it a foghorn?

Teacoffee and a Tunnocks wafer warmed us up ready for dive two at Fast Castle. For many this was their first visit to this site, a spectacular site below the folded strata cliffs amongst stacks and seagull shit. It was stunning though, with 10 m visibility, two seals, seven wolf fish, two ling and a lump sucker! Well worth the slightly longer boat ride.

And then it happened! There was a murder in St Abbs! Was it Phil (commodore) Barber with his dodgy lipstick and shapely legs, or Keith (Redbeard) Johnson, with his pistol in his knickers and a penchant for revenge, or Breathless Betty, willing to do anything to get her hands on her secret lover! Or was it Rachel, driven to murder by the worst karaoke singers ever? What goes on at Piratefest stays on Piratefest apparently…or you could just log onto Facebook.

Sunday dive 1: Black Carrs. It was grim. So grim I nearly went straight to the pub but we went diving instead! The skipper made sure we all had a whistle or a pocket foghorn before throwing us off the boat with a thorough brief to ‘head north and I’ll pick you up on the backside’ 🙂 not sure what to expect from that, we duly followed his instructions (because he’ll shout at you if you don’t ) and we were very happy with our reward. I’ve never seen Black Carrs look so beautiful. The viz was great and we enjoyed a bimble around spotting butterfish, wolf fish, cod and all the usual suspects. There were some casualties of war with an smb and a mask and GoPro being sacrificed to the weather gods, but I’m not sure I’m all that religious anymore.

Sunday dive 2: This is how grim it has to get before we go to the pub! The rain came down, the fog drifted in and half of us went to the cafe to console ourselves with cheese scones. The other three went diving in Skelly hole and came back boasting of fabulous vis and flocks of birds flying by under water….I think it must be the out of date beer .

All in all another great weekend of banter and some splendid dives.


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