As the new season beckons I’ve become a bit nostalgic and have had a bit of a giggle at one or two memories of club trips past. A particular favourite is Oban, many moons ago, and a short conga dancing into the men’s loos in the Oban Inn 😉 then there’s the time we dived at the Farnes and all was tranquil and calm, 45 mins later we surfaced into a real maelstrom, the total pandemonium as boats plucked divers from the water willy nilly. Then there’s the trip where a diver who shall remain nameless lost a fin. Not a shocker you may think… But then they lost the other on the second dive! 

Please share your favourite dive club memories and give us all a smile.


2 thoughts on “Memories

  1. I remember on the final dive of a St Abbs weekend when the weather had not been favourable, just 3 of us went in for a dive on Ebb Cares. The vis was shocking and the current uncontrollable. We just bounced along the reef from rock to rock. Somehow, and I’ll never know how, we managed to stay together in a three for a good 30 minutes.

  2. I remember a wreck dive at the Farnes with Phil Armitage down at 30 odd meters when his fin unclipped and I had it to re-fit with 2 mins before deco. He was upside down with a wet breath reg and his head getting rusty in the wreck as I ham-fistedly rammed it back on. Not funny until we were back on the boat.

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