Annual General Meeting

AGM Banner

The AGM is on February 25th, meeting upstairs at the black bull at 7pm with chilli and chips after the official business is done.

Nominations for committee elections need to be sent to Andrew Lamb by 11th February.

The agenda will be as follows:


1.Chairman’s Address (LS)
2.Diving Officer’s Report (TS)
Proposal to accept Diving Officer’s report
3.Financial Officers Report (TM)
Proposal to accept Financial Officer’s report
4.Proposal to amend the Club Constitutional Byelaws
(A revised document will be issued ahead of the AGM for review)
5.Election of Officers
(Standing for re-election are: Liz Saville, Terry Manton, Tim Saville, Johny Rangeley, Graham Watters, Andrew Lamb, Barry Shaw & Phil Barber)
b.Diving Safety Officer
c.Finance Officer
d.Club Secretary
e.Equipment Officer
f.Social Secretary
g.Membership & Recruitment Officer
h.Up to two further Committee Members


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