A Tale of Two Divesites

27th & 28th June - Tynemouth and Farnes Split Weekend

27th & 28th June – Tynemouth and Farnes Split Weekend

Tynemouth – apparently it’s located near the end of a big river. We discovered this to be true as we chugged somewhat smokily away from some very fine harbour facilities which allowed us all to start the weekend’s joking about defecation suitably early. It took a good few minutes to get to the actual mouth of the Tyne which is quite scenically impressive as mouths go, and then several more tens of minutes until we got to the first dive site off Blyth. Wreck number one was The Pandora with reasonable viz of about 5 metres–ish I think, and lots of fishies floating about around the bow in particular. Second dive was a 30 metre dark dive around a couple of boilers and a bit of wreckage which presumably has a name, but I wasn’t paying attention. Highlight of the two dives was the discovery of writhing masses of white flesh eating worms about ½ metre long – can’t remember their name either, but they nearly ate Tim.

After a quick relocation to Seahouses, several beers, enormous amounts of freshly baked pizza and a hot stuffy night, we then found ourselves bobbing out to dive the Farnes. Some great seal and minion action (bannnannnaaaa!!!) was had and the viz was fab with “wok on the wight” as usual at Hoppers. The full toilet and sizeable waves caused Liz some consternation and the floaters unkindly donated by the diver on t’other boat put some of us right off our hobnobs. But in general – cracking weekend once again. Thanks to all on the trip – but particularly to Bazza as it was a tricky one to trip sec.


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