Success at Piratefest

Piratefest2015St Abbs residents gripped their fishing nets in fear as 40 Pirates hit the sleepy diving village, parked up their longboats and campervans and drank Grog ’til it ran out of their noses. The 80% chance of rain never materialised but the biting Easterly wind certainly did. It has been noted that at least one rufty tufty Pirate had a heated vest on under his blouson.

Saturday diving was excellent if a little swelly, but under the water we were treated to the excellent visability which St Abbs has been lucky to enjoy for a couple of months now. Octopus and Wolfish were evident as were shoals of young Pollock. Slightly on the chilly side for some, it proved to be an excellent day diving.

Sunday morning had it’s casualties, some alcohol induced and others just didn’t like the look of the weather. Luckily for those who hung around for a couple of hours, the weather cleared up, the sun came out and another couple of dives were to be had. Black Carrs boated at least 20 metres visibility and if it wasn’t for the 10 degrees C water temp, then we could have easily been in the Caribbean (honestly).


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