Dive Trip Spaces Available

If it’s not here, it’s either sold out or not yet open.


Lochaline – Saturday 23rd to Monday 25th May. 3 days diving, 3 nights accommodation, breakfast and air fills. Price £249.00. 4 spaces available (20 booked on so far). See Tim Saville (tim@robinhooddiveclub.com)

St Abbs Piratefest – Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th May. Dive both days, dress as a Pirate, eat drink and be merry. Limited diving spaces available, but we’ll get you on somehow. 2 days diving £80, pyo accommodation (one bunk room place that we know of). See Liz Saville. (liz@robinhooddiveclub.com)

Tynemouth & Farnes Combo Weekend – Spend Saturday 27th June diving around Tynemouth, then a hop skip and a jump up to the Farnes for an overnight stay, curry and a summer beer. Next day dive around the Farne Islands on board Glad Tidings VII. No accommodation included so hurry up and book. Or bring your campervan. 6 spaces available price £80.00, see Ruth Hair (committee@robinhooddiveclub.com)

Anglesey with Scott Waterman – Weekend trip over Saturday 11th July and Sunday 12th with one night B&B accommodation in the Victoria Hotel. Cost £125.00 and there are 6 spaces available, see Tim Saville.(tim@robinhooddiveclub.com)

Dunbar & Bass Rock – Just about to open this trip over the weekend of 25th & 26th July, cost is £125.00 and includes 2 nights accommodation. Trip secretary is Andrew Lamb (Andrew@robinhooddiveclub.com)

To book on you can come to a Thursday night club meeting at Roho or email committee@robinhooddiveclub.com or text 07860 616792


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