Farnes First Trip for 2015

Right – let’s get all the negatives out of the way at the start of this year’s first trip report. We divers are in for a summer of motorway madness as those little men in yellow jackets who sit in machinery and presumably use it when I’m not looking have decided to dig up 11 miles of the A1, plus the whole road around Newcastle, plus bits of the road above Newcastle so that eventually it will be quicker to buy bicycles or tractors to get to the seaside. That said, everyone made it up to Seahouses in time to oust the tourists out of our corner of The Ship Inn and then have a curry and a bit of banter in the Indian Brasserie. Job done Bazza – well trip sec’ed.

Oh no – it’s not job done is it – there’s the diving bit to do. I keep forgetting that bit. So, the sun disappeared as soon as we got to the harbour and the wind started making the sea go all frothy and sticky uppy. But that’s never bothered us, so we all jumped in the boat anyhow. I had a lucrative over-excited bet on with Keith that the sun would come and …and it did gloriously all day…and I didn’t get the tenner – just making that point in public Keith.

So we ducked (bird pun) under the puffins, gannets and guillemots until we reached the Pinnacles. It’s brilliant to see the birdlife nest building, breeding and busying themselves in their burrows – but I do wish they’d pay more attention to their personal hygiene as there’s always a faint taste of guano as you take your last breath before submerging. Underwater viz was what we’d call excellent – about 8-10 metres with the 10 metres end being a bit fuzzy and imaginary. Water temp was 7 degrees I am led to believe – my fingers were too frozen to press the button that gave me water temp on my computer. Life abounded below as well as above. Keeping ROCK ON THE LEFT, ROCK ON THE LEFT …THINK ITS ROCK ON THE LEFT we saw loads of lobbies, crabs, squat lobsters, a beautiful butterfish, some cracking anemones and sunstars, lots of scorpion fish – one eating a flatfish and yes, a couple of seals. All the usual stuff really – it’s like greeting old friends after a winter of absence. Next dive ROCK ON THE RIGHT, ROCK ON THE RIGHT…THINK ITS ROCK ON THE RIGHT… was good old Hopper. Can’t fault it – lovely dive even if I couldn’t feel my fingers.

First trip of the season is always a good time to get rid of all that old dive kit that you don’t need if you can’t be bothered to put it on ebay. I won’t name names, but items thrown into the brink with gay abandon included a weight pouch, an SMB and reel, a go-pro and the contents of someone’s stomach. If any of the items are found, can you please return them to their rightful owners with the exception perhaps of the yellow vomit.

All in all, job well done and everyone had a good time (even Phil). If we’d had the Queen on board she would have regally declared the Robinhood Dive Club’s 2015 season officially opened. As Barry-the-worst-trip-secretary-ever forgot to invite her (I may be clutching at straws here in an attempt to get rid of the title), we had to make do with Keith and Amanda as nominated royalty for the day. They played their parts well, standing regally at the stern despite being lashed by gargantuan waves on the way back whilst the rest of us laughed at them from the wheel house.

Great trip – thanks Barry for excellent trip sec’ing 🙂


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