2014 Last Dive Trip of the Year

Following an excellent curry on Friday night in Seahouses we gathered on the harbour anticipating a challenging day. The viz in the harbour resembled Mississippi mud pie and the photographers amongst us looked a bit dejected and resigned themselves to ferreting around in the gloom snapping hermit crabs.

We boarded GT7 in warm sunshine and readied ourselves for a bouncy ride out to the Farnes. It turned out not to be too bad at all and in the lee by Big Harcar it was positively tranquil. Good job too as it was the first UK sea dive for Stuart Robertshaw.

Divers kitted up and were greeted in the water by many a playful, inquisitive seal. Hugging and fin nibbling in the kelp occupied us for a good while. Then we descended to about 18m to a boulder strewn bottom with a couple of nice gullies. Lobsters, squat lobsters and a few scorpion fish gave us plenty for the log books.

Following a gentle bob around on board and a bit of duct tape surgery on Steve’s drysuit seal, we agreed on North Wamses for the second dive. This island is home to a large seal colony producing around 500 pups each year! We were not disappointed and the photographers were glad they had their cameras after all. I also spotted a decent sized octopus and lots of lobsters.

For October the conditions were amazing, but we did get a bit wet on the trip back to shore. This has been an awesome dive season and this trip was a worthy finale. Time to hang up the fins now…. Well till next week anyway 🙂




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