Laser Beams but no Sharks

Laserquest trip report:

So last night Homer, Sponge bob, Mr Burns, Dr Evil, Cat woman, Wonder woman, Flash Gordon, Wolverine, Magneto, Odd job and Scar all went out to play. As you might expect, being mostly villainous super-heroes, they didn’t play nicely. Magneto did the mind thing and found everyone’s bases and shot them, Wonder woman ran around doing her thing in boots, Cat woman’s white bra and teeth were a thing of legend, Dr Evil was just evil and followed people around tagging them repeatedly, and Flash Gordon was the hero of everything comedic. One game in and all the super-heroes had a mission to kill the somewhat irritating pack of kids which hid in dark castle corners and sniped people from above. By end of second game the mission was achieved and the shrieking kids were duly packed off to bed so that the last game was dive club only – awesome.

In the pub afterwards – a very jolly pub called The Sportsman which had banjo players and real ale – the debate was all of tactics. So really, is it a good strategic tactic to stay high in a battle and smite your enemies from above as they flounder about on killing fields below? Generations of historical castle building on hill-tops across the planet would suggest that it is and so those who did this were really just engaging good military tactics. Whilst some did that, others altruistically defended bases, collectively ganged up against kids, lurked furtively in corners, ran around like headless chicken getting shot or crept about in super-stealth mode. Whatever each super-villain’s personal style the result was the same….each one came out slightly high on adrenaline, sweating buckets from the sheer effort of blasting the s*** out of fellow-divers (and irritating kids) and laughing – a lot.

So, twas a BLAST of a night – thanks all for coming.


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