Christmas Is Coming, Time To Party!

rice-squareThis year we are partying Mongolian style. It’s a place where you wander about choosing your raw meat, seafood, tofu or quorn, pile up the veggies choose your oils and toppings and then watch your creation being stir-fried right before your eyes. The whole idea is to experiment with your stir-fry and eat till you burst.

The cost is £15 – please pay Johny Rangeley or Terry Manton either with cash or by bank transfer with a quick text to let us know you’ve paid. That will book you a place on this riotous night out to celebrate the end of another year of awesome diving.

Be there for 7pm – travel suggestions will be posted on the Facebook Event soon.

This year we are also doing a Secret Santa. You MUST therefore bring with you an anonymously wrapped present that will be put in Santa’s sack to be distributed by Santa’s little elves (plenty of them in the Club!). The present MUST NOT cost more than £4. To spend more is to cheat and Santa will know you have been a bad boy/girl. So £4 is your limit. Be creative (more creative than just chocolate penises) – raid the charity shops – look in junk shops. Bring something funny!


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