Piratefest 2014

Pirate fest 2014 was a great success! Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny with no wind. The sea was flat and the first dive was on Hurkar Rock. The viz was phenomenal and we saw lots of life. Great conditions for the photographers amongst us to take a few cracking shots. We saw a little octopus and had flocks of guillemots flying round us on our safety stop. St Abbs at its best! Unfortunately then the tide came in and brought with it half the silt in the North Sea, viz deteriorated to just a couple of meters. However pirates are not easy to depress so we donned our costumes, sharpened our cutlasses and our wits and cracked open the grog 🙂

Cake, celebrations, salmiaki, BBQ , football, laughs, grog and not to mention the footie (probably best NOT to mention the footie) made for another cracking night. We even press ganged two young foreign students into joining the crew!

Surprisingly we were all up for diving on Sunday morning. First dive was Anemone gully which as usual was beautiful. Wolf fish and giant cod and more guillemots left us feeling glad we dragged ourselves out of our hammocks. The final dive of the weekend was the letter box ( which nobody found) and then all that was left to do was swab the decks, pack up the grog, dismantle the Jolly Rodger , weigh anchor and head for home. Another great trip.

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