Final trip of the season

They had forecast the year’s worst gale
But nothing would stop us setting sail
Except for the skipper being late
He eventually arrived in a bit of a state.
So off we went with skies of blue
And a boat full of divers, some of them new.
Out to the walmsies to find some shelter
The first dive was a real belter.
The viz was clear and not a trace of tide.
The seals were so playful we had to hide!
Spinning and finning they played for ages.
We only ascended because of our gauges !
Back on the boat there was plenty of chat.
It was a bit chilly so on with the hat.
Peter was feeling a bit worse for wear.
The rocking was just too much to bear.
The time came to kit up again.
The storm was coming were we insane?
We were repaid with seals galore.
Shrimps, lobsters, and lots more,
A seal even bit Tim on the head!
I thought id laugh until I was dead.
With diving done we turned for home
Heading straight into the worsening storm.
The waves crashed high over the side
But our mood was good and grins were wide.
We travelled back with mask and snorkels on.
That was it folks, the seasons gone 😦


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