Pirate Fest 2013

Well what a difference a fortnight makes! Blue sky and sunshine, and wait for it…. Viz! Yes summer finally arrived and just in time for Pirate Fest!

Following another radio 2 shout out we all arrived safe and sound. With two boat loads of divers to coordinate the harbour was buzzing. Loaded up and off we went on flat blue sea to the first dive site. A respectable 5m viz greeted us and we saw crabs, lobbies and the usual suspects. Dive two was Black Carrs. 4 wolf fish were spotted by Liz and Tim ! A couple of ballan wrasse darted around too.

Saturday night was fantastic! 40 pirates and wenches descended on Rock House all in fill costume! Pirate punch was quaffed and a BBQ sizzled nicely. Sea shanties and pirate tunes wafted out to sea and we finally hit the hammock sometime after midnight.

Sunday began with a surprising turnout of healthy looking divers, (punch is obviously good for you!). Skellies was our site, great topography, dead men’s fingers and another wolf fish! ( that’s 5!) Viz was good but the water is still a bit chilly. Dive two was the best of all! Anemone gully was beautiful as always. Shoals of pollock and the biggest octopus I have ever seen in the uk! Lovely anemones and lots of sunstars. Maybe it’s time to get the camera out πŸ™‚

Another top weekend. Cheers guys x



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