Success at the AGM (by Tim Saville)

Would you believe we had one of the most entertaining AGM’s on Wednesday since we had a two party split about 6 years ago when a few members of a certain training agency decided to start their own (now defunct) dive club. Since then we’ve grown, consolidated and become loved by skippers across the country (of course it’s true)!

We have now entered into an era of closer ties and co-operation with Robin Hood Watersports and everyone is looking forward to working better together. Bob Findlow blessed us with his presence and between him and Club Chairman Liz Saville, a lot of common sense was spoken and a unanimous vote was taken in favour of doing the right thing.

Would you believe that we now have a Traffic Light System to control the flow of diving? Green Trips are for newly qualified divers and those with lesser experience who prefer to be escorted or for doing training. Amber Trips will be available for divers wanting a little more diving without being guided and perhaps with the family (juniors allowed). Red Trips will be the usual adults only diving for the more experienced as we have enjoyed for several years. There are trips for everyone and newer, less experienced divers will get all the help they need at every step.

We truly are a ‘Group of friends who go diving’.


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