A Day In The Life


6am wake-up call with a sturdy knock on the door of my live-aboard cabin. “Morning” shouts the steward with a tray of tea and coffee in hand. Suitably supplied with caffeine I’m ready to start the day.

Overnight we’ve been sailing from one dive site to the next. Today we start off at “Little Brother” Island, an underwater mountain rising up 300m from the sea bed.

Once I’ve checked my scuba gear and had a very comprehensive dive briefing we’re jumping into the blue to see the wonders of the Red Sea. It’s amazing; we see thresher & reef sharks, lion, banner, butterfly and puffer fish (plus too many more to mention). The colours are wonderful and I’m humbled by the magnificent sights beneath the waves.

After an hour long dive we surface and climb into a rib (rigid inflatable boat) which is a comical sight given my portly figure. The deck hand must have had a hernia pulling me aboard!

Once back on the main boat, you feel like royalty with an army of staff helping you de-kit, stow your gear, hang your wetsuit and handing you coffee, juice or hot chocolate.

After a quick shower and a laze in the early morning sun we hear the dinging of the bell for breakfast. It might only be a boat for 22 guests but the service & food could rival that of a Mediterranean cruise.

With breakfast out of the way and the sun shining brightly it would be rude not to sit back and charge the batteries.

“Ding, ding, ding” goes the dive bell to wake you from a sunny slumber for the 2nd dive of the day. Oh well, if I must, this is something to celebrate as it’s my 100th dive.

Yet another magical dive with beautiful creatures living in abundance on this vibrant coral wall.

Back round the loop we go again with shower, sun, dinner bell and snooze before the best dive of my life. The 3rd & final dive of the day is amazing, it includes; a swim through a wrecked ship down at 30 metres, underwater photography of moray eels, barracuda and a sea turtle “up close and personal”.

Once the diving is done and I’ve spruced myself up it’s time to sample the duty free picked-up on the way through the airport. Not too many though as I don’t want to waste a day with a hangover. After a couple of drinks, dinner and the evenings social event all concluded, it’s time to call it a night in preparation for the wonders of a new site tomorrow.

10:30pm Night night! (What a lightweight)

By Andrew Lamb 21st Nov 2012


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