Anglesey Trip Report September 2012

The club trip to Anglesey this weekend saw big seas, raging storms, deep quarries, hot curries and lots of laughs. Saturday morning was sunny and dry but the horizon was distinctly wobbly. On closer inspection we found huge ‘perfect storm’ waves dwarfing the boat. Not for the feint hearted we chucked ourselves overboard to dive the mona. This is a small but pretty wreck with wall to wall shoals of whiting and an enormous resident conger. Dive 2 was the HMS Conway in the shelter of the straits. With 40 mph winds on the cards for Sunday we planned a night out with a curry, a few beverages and a musical interlude. Sunday dawned stormy and wet. Off to dotty we went. Washed the kit off with a 45 min dive, 6 degrees at 25m!

The trip was excellent despite conditions which could have put lesser divers off. Thanks to Scott and quest diving and Tim for trip seccing, and all divers who contributed to the weekend’s exploits.
Liz 🙂


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