Farnes Trip Report September 2012

Thank you to everybody who travelled up to Seahouses for our final day trip of the year to this location. We were greeted with sunshine and flat seas and all looked good. A couple of late cry-offs meant we were down to 15 on Glad Tidings VII, but we had the boat to ourselves – winner.

Our first dive was on Knivestones north side where the newcomers were able to see wreck(age), lobsters, crabs, ballan wrasse and beautiful soft corals. With the spring tide still on the ebb we could have had better visibility but hey-ho it wasn’t bad. Unfortunately the diver lift broke and some of us we drifting off back to the harbour before another Glad Tidings boat came to the rescue. Luckily the three engineers in the Robin Hood Dive Club team had the tools and the ability to mend it.

Dive 2 saw us get some fantastic seal action on Hopper Rock. I’ve never seen so many smiley faces at the end of a dive. They were everywhere and my group had 4 of them round us whilst doing the safety stop at the end of the dive. No doubt we’ll be seeing some photos. The day of course was rounded off with the mandatory drink at the Ship Inn and fish and chips at Neptune.

Congratulations to new members Emma Cook, Paul Martin, Ruth Thompson, Rebecca and Rich Cole who all had a tremendous day out.



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